0.17 Patch Notes

Patch Notes TL;DR:

  • Countless visual improvements!
  • New hugely improved model with MANY new features.
  • Much better lighting.
  • Dynamic procedurally generated text prompts.
  • Player & Dom naming system to support the new dynamic text.
  • AI Improvements: She learns more about your specific task dislikes!
  • Large expressiveness improvements.
  • Big optimization & polish pass.
  • I want to make this longer but it's supposed to be a TL;DR :(

Next month, the focus will likely be on improvements surrounding the “Oops” button.

I  kind of suspect you’re all about to press it a whole lot more.

Full patch notes


HUGE model improvements and various visual features.

Every aspect of the model has been smoothed down and improved. All of her anatomy is now 3D Modeled (thanks @Bkitty on discord), including:

  • Modeled Genitals
  • Modeled Nipples
  • Modeled Butthole
  • Modeled Belly Button
  • Modeled Dynamic Pokies through both shirts & dresses based on mood.
  • Modeled Claws when she’s in a bad mood or furious.
  • Modeled Cameltoe
  • Optional Modeled Navel Piercing
  • Optional Modeled Nipple Piercings (various, will change every day)
  • Optional Modeled Abs
  • Optional Modeled Muscles (Arms, Legs, etc)
  • Phat butt.
  • New Shader & Lighting Improvements on all aspects of her model.
  • Fixed all janky aspects of her hair; including a cute bow instead of the old monstrosity on the back of her head.
  • Her dress layer is now more figure-fitting.
  • Significant texture improvements to her base skin

Added Procedural Text Prompt generation, including 100+ Dom and Sub names selectable in a new “Naming” menu.

Significant AI upgrade: Your succubus now learns about your dislikes through tasks that you disobey or fail.

  • After disobeying or failing a task several times in a row, she’ll start to take notice and reduce the chance it appears.
  • This is tracked per-task.
  • Even once she’s noticed, it will take a few more times before it hits the minimum chance for it to appear (where she’ll do everything she can to avoid giving it to you, unless there’s absolutely no other option available in the AI as of that moment)

Big polish pass

  • The menus are now significantly more polished, including the passcode screen receiving a new look.
  • Other optimizations have allowed bloom to be added to the game (with an option to disable), this makes all aspects of glowy eyes etc look much better.
  • The game now has an initial loading screen, and a loading screen to the session.
  • There’s now an intro ‘’summoning portal’’ that disappears under her.
  • A whole lot more minor stuff, found in the Polish section of the patch notes.

Optimization improvements, and Code Refactoring allowing:

  • Mobile now has full-res textures.
  • RAM usage has been significantly decreased.
  • The game should now load much faster.
  • Performance improvements all around, allowing mobile to support the new higher-poly model & Bloom.
  • The file size is reduced.
  • The womb tattoo is now optional and glows through clothes when she’s thirsty (and there are many new future possibilities :) )
  • Reworked countless systems to make them more flexible for the future. I know this won’t be too apparent to you, but damn it, it was so much work I’m still gonna brag about it.

Non-Challenging Tasks

  • Many counted & timed tasks that are on the slower, more uninteresting side have been marked as ‘’Non-Challenging”
  • Non-Challenging tasks are prevented from scaling through most means, like difficulty or other multiplications. This should prevent annoying boring situations where she would have you do something unchallenging to do 100+ times, or for 2 minutes straight.
  • Taunt has also been removed from these tasks.

New Idle Expressions System

  • Added a whole new expressiveness system that happens during tasks.
  • She should now feel a whole lot more ''active'' during long periods doing tasks, this is based on her mood and special moods such as mischievous, thirsty, furious, etc.
  • Added a few more expressions along with this system.


  • Added “Mischievous Eyes” (Visual Toggle)
  • Added “Thirsty Eyes” (Visual Toggle)
  • Added ''No Womb Tattoo'' (Visual Toggle)
  • Added ''Abs'' (Visual Toggle)
  • Added “Fit” (Visual Toggle)
  • Added “Pheromones” (Visual Toggle)
  • Added “Navel Piercing” (Visual Toggle)
  • Added “Nipple Piercings” (Visual Toggle)
  • Ear Rings & Studs have been merged into “Ear Piercings”
  • Nose Rings & Studs have been merged into “Nose Piercings”
  • Added “Breast Worship” (Kink Toggle) This works like Feet/Armpit.
  • Added “Butt Worship” (Kink Toggle) This works like Feet/Armpit
  • Added ''Double Anal'' (Kink Toggle)
  • Added "Ruthless" (Other Toggle). This causes her to always enter mischievous as soon as she becomes pleased.
  • Added an intro event causing her to be ruthless.
  • Added “No Stroking” (Other Toggle) This disables stroking but not other genitals-related tasks.
  • Added the "Commanding" (Other Toggle): This makes tasks appear in a commanding (demands, commands, has decided, etc) tone regardless of her mood.
  • Added “No Challenge” (Other Toggle) This disables post-session challenges.
  • Many default tasks have been moved into the new optional “Frenulum” “Taint” and “Speaking” kink toggles.
  • Added “Her Choice” to the endings menu. This allows her to randomly select all settings related to endings.
  • The valentine's day succubus outfit is now a standard lewd outfit.
  • Added a new variant to edging prompts that requires less edges but has a multiplied ride length.
  • 2 new rewards involving cute dance-like animations. These are mostly late-night ‘’I wanna animate something I saw for fun’’ projects, don’t expect anything huge but I hope you enjoy them.
  • Added match her pace futa stroking scene.
  • Adjustments to armpit scene.
  • There's now an edge timeout after an until dry ''ending''.
  • When your breathplay difficulty is set to hard or above, tasks now have a chance to require you to exhale completely instead of taking a deep breath before the task. The length of timed tasks is significantly reduced when this happens.
  • Removed hypnosis toggle. Dev Note: This feature hasn’t been of satisfying quality for a long time now, and developing on it further would involve quite a lot of work. Any further work on it would delve into stuff that could easily be deemed Non-Con by many platforms, and thus I’ve decided the best choice is to avoid this content for now. Apologies to those that enjoyed it.


  • Disabling post-session assignments now automatically gives you challenges instead.
  • Reduced the odds of marker/lipstick tasks appearing, if enable
  • Changed the consequence for admitting to lying during decisions to fit the new procedural prompts system.
  • Stripping can now only happen after the session halfway point, clamped between 5-15 minutes. (It will happen after at least 5 minutes, but is always allowed after 15 regardless of duration).
  • Reduced occurrence rate of frenulum tasks.
  • Changed the pleased/angry special counted modifier to 2x instead of 4x.
  • Disliking outfits is no longer framed negatively.
  • Chastity sentences now locks ALL chastity options.
  • Increased edge ride timers a bit across the board for edge prompts.
  • Rope & Tape tasks no longer happen as early into a session.
  • Several tasks can now only show up later into the session.
  • Harsh homework stake can no longer be disobeyed.
  • Disobey locking now disabled counted task taunts.
  • Rewards no longer happen extremely early into a session.
  • Chastity timeout is no longer skipped on the final session of a sentence.
  • The first reward after it becomes possible for her to strip is now always stripping.
  • Reduced base anal rhythm event speeds in general, and the maximum speed. Wasn't working with the animation, and wasn't really realistic for 99% of people. It also starts out slower, but reaches maximum speed faster.


  • New visuals for when she's flushed.
  • She now has glowing claws when furious.
  • Hands and feet nails are now separate materials, no more nails showing through socks.
  • Her nails are now hair-matched, with multiple variants possible per hair color.
  • Menu screen now has multiple idle poses, including a small chance for masturbation when on high favor.
  • Added chuckle to begin button.
  • Eye color glow now fades in instead of being instant.
  • Animation smoothing feature that should improve almost all animations where she moves significantly.
  • New LookAt logic that should help improve issues here and there.
  • New fancy menu labels.
  • New fancy menu animations.
  • Begin button should be more responsive.
  • Each toggle menus now has a tiny loading time, this is to improve initial loading when the menus are not necessary.
  • Adjustments to the behaviors of expressions, should no longer go pout->laugh->pout.
  • Each skin color now has its own nipple color.
  • Hair colors are now tied and matched to outfits, with most outfits having multiple possible hair colors. They are seeded by day, so you shouldn't see switches in a second session. Dev Note: This change is primarily for the future; I’d created a situation where future hair colors could clash too harshly with outfits, and it would limit what I could add. This should also improve variety for players that only play the game once in a while, and didn’t get to see the hair colors changing every week.
  • Updated all fluffy tail material shaders, should be less flickering and match the new shaders. They have lost the secondary color, but I plan to find a way to add it back.
  • Changed blonde hair color to be a bit less green.
  • Significant improvements to the masturbating animation.
  • Significant improvements to the futa rhythm animation.
  • Added a chance for her to pause and think about what she's going to do next before transitioning scenes.
  • Various improvements to her blinking & eye behaviors.
  • Improved positioning & behavior of the fluffy tail now that there's more back-views.

UI & Misc

  • Finishing a session now puts you back on the menu instead of the passcode screen.
  • Adjusted in-game volumes & sound clips, this should allow the game to get louder if wanted. You may have to adjust settings.
  • Upon entering the game, she no longer has the default expression (A smile if happy, a pout if unhappy)
  • Added a bit of text on punishment chastity sentences to clarify it's a result of your failures.
  • Reduced chance for tsundere emoting.
  • If chastity device is enabled, she no longer has you lock up between sessions unless you're in a sentence. This was causing too much confusion.
  • Hardcore chastity sessions can no longer be begun while in chastity.
  • General visibility improvements on menus for mobile (less numbers only showing on tap)
  • Added head tilts to main menu.
  • Atmospheric red dust particles no longer render above her.
  • Chastity ankle key no longer disappears until the reward session is given.


  • Fixed a bug causing One-Handed mode to be enabled even if it wasn’t.
  • Fixed a bug causing chastity no touching to create an infinite loop in the intro.
  • Fixed an issue causing outfit preferences to not be saved (Yikes, that one editor crash last month had some annoying side effects..)
  • Fixed a bug causing lewd outfits to not be given.
  • Fixed a Strapon task playing without the Strapon modifier.
  • The ''Cum now'' phase of timed endings no longer shows Oops
  • Fixed an overlapping audio when she's reacting to your previous session ending in an Oops.
  • Fixed single earring only working on animal ears.
  • Fixed heels not applying modifier.
  • Difficulties no longer revert to 0 upon clearing save data (..or playing the demo. woopsie. fuck.)
  • Fixed chastity menu showing -999 on release sessions. Adjusted text.
  • Fixed all the temporary fix menu text capitalization issues. This was a tempfix for another issue that is now resolved.
  • Fixed a bug causing post-session task question to get skipped in the intro.
  • Fixed the banding issue in the UI text background black fade
  • Failing to be hands off during ASMR edges should now work.
  • Fixed some bunny ear jank on main menu.
  • Fixed RLGL missing & on layered RLGLs.
  • Added underwear not being removed when they should.
  • Fixed weird lighting on perma strapon.
  • Masturbation animation now disables perma strapon.
  • Fixed the bug where she would blink with her eyes closed.
  • Fixed a bug with successful until dry and stakes not being removed.
  • She should no longer react negatively for no reason upon skipping the outfit preference decision.
  • Fixed a bug causing a few values not to be exported/imported correctly (primarily relating to difficulty, and a few newer ones)
  • Fixed failtask removing dedication.
  • Fixed edge fail loop.
  • Fixed thirsty edge disobeys giving brat.
  • Fixed a text spacing issue in the chastity timeout blocker.
  • Fixed challenge not showing up if post-session assignments are disabled.
  • Fixed futa portal not having particles.
  • She now reacts appropriately to the outcome of edge tasks.
  • She no longer reacts as positively to stake choices when her mood is bad.
  • You can no longer tribute $0 with findom.

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