Virtual Succubus 0.27 Patch Notes

The download for this version can be found here. 


Patch Notes TLDR

  • Select only your favorite stroking tags (fast, rough, tight, head, shaft, etc)
  • Timed Task Layers, creating thousands of potential new combination tasks.
  • The ability to fully disabled counted tasks, if you don't like them.

More mechanical improvements and tweaks this month!

Counted tasks have always been a little divisive, but I haven’t been able to allow for the disabling of them due to some internal stuff and the fact variety would be very significantly hurt. This patch changes that by reworking timed tasks and adding more layers, and at the same time makes it much easier in the future to add more variety.

The stroking tag selection feature is yet another sore spot; while the game is all about telling you what to do, some stuff just doesn’t work for certain players. This new system allows significantly increased variety, and more customization for what actually works for each player’s preferences!

With the new stroking task layer, and timed task layer compatibility, variety in general is greatly increased. Most tasks in the game can now be combinations of multiple instructions, meaning you should see far less exact repeats with enough toggles enabled. You can expect further improvements in the future, as content additions to both of these systems now have an exponential effect compared to when they were all separate tasks.

I'll be looking at creating something totally new for the game rather than refinements for next month, as I've been working on cleanup for a while. 

I hope you all enjoy!

Current 0.27 Patch Notes:


Timed Task Rework

  • A lot of internal work has been done to make task layers (example: while doing X) compatible with timed tasks.
  • Many timed tasks that used to be combination tasks (do X while Y) have been removed, with the additional component being added through task layers.

Dev Note: This is effectively a very large increase in potential task variety, depending on your toggles. It also makes it possible to totally disable counted tasks while retaining the Themes function, which has been a sore point for many.

Pleasure Instructions Rework

  • Stroking tasks (and their vagina-mode equivalents) have been reworked to be randomly generated based on a series of tags you can enable in customization.
  • Each task can be composed of up to 3 different tags, for example “fast tight head strokes” vs “slow loose full strokes”.
  • A Simple Stroking toggle was added to the new customization menu for this, to limit it to one tag per instruction.

Dev Note: Combined with the new Stroking task layer, this increases the variety of pleasurable tasks you can get by a lot.


  • Kinky now almost guarantees task layers for Counted & Timed tasks.
  • Tweaked ending fakeout system further as it seems it was still too likely due to a bug (feedback appreciated, this is tough to balance)
  • Increased the rate of edging prompts to compensate for some changes over previous versions.


  • Added “No Counted Tasks” (Other Toggle)
  • Added “Counted Punishment” (Other Toggle). This overrides the previous toggle for punishments.
  • Added Cock squeezing CBT task layer for Counted & Timed tasks.
  • Added Stroking task layer for Counted & Timed tasks.
  • Added new timed tasks replacing counted tasks for those no longer using them.

Dev Note: I apologize but there won't be a new April Fools event. time constraints have been very rough for these more complex old system tweaks, and I wanted to prioritize the more important work.

Polish & Misc

  • Added new Stroking Types menu
  • Safewording now removes all statuses.
  • Safewording now removes the current position.
  • It should no longer be possible for her to lock the disobey button on a counted task, if this counted task is in the process of being seen as ''disliked'' (This is reset every time you complete the task)


  • Fixed a bug causing some strings to not be processed.
  • It should no longer be possible for favor to go negative.
  • Fixed a bug causing phantom position assignments when legs are busy.
  • Removed a couple old positioning-related tasks.
  • Fixed a bug causing timed rewards to be unlikely.
  • Fixed a bug causing naked request to show a weirdly textured hoodie.
  • Fixed her reacting incorrectly as if the request was free when any outfit request is made.
  • Fixed status requests not being applied.
  • CBT Rhythm difficulty should no longer display when vagina is enabled.
  • CEI ending chances should no longer display when vagina is enabled.
  • Safewording should now appropriately end the ASMR audio player.

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