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ote:The web version is the latest build of the game. It does not have access to optional kinks, toys, or cross-session persistence. For full access please support the game on [Patreon], or wait until 1.0 is released for a set price.  Note that Patreon will show up 100% anonymously on your bank/credit/etc statements.

More information can be found on the official website at

Virtual Succubus is a lewd JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) PC & Android game entirely focused around the player.

Enter a contract with your very own Succu-chan, offering her complete control over your urges. She'll learn about you, and decide what you need to do to earn your release!

    Password entry screen before anything lewd shows

    Procedurally generated AI, have a different experience every time. Mood and arousal systems that change what tasks she gives you. Dynamic difficulty based on what she knows of your endurance.

    Cross-session persistence. The game changes based on what it knows of your endurance, preference, and prior events. Succu-chan will remember that!

    Tons of customization. Toys (generic) and many kinky fetishes supported, with options to turn most of them on and off. Short->Very long sessions, Silent/Home Alone modes, and more!

    Unique, short minigames designed to enhance the JOI experience. (Example: Give Succu-chan oral)

    Tasks and challenges for you to complete between sessions! Being Succu-chan's favorite toy takes some commitment.

    Inspiration from JOI videos, CockHero, and instructions based teases/games.

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Updated 14 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, android, femdom, Hentai, joi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Smartphone
AccessibilityOne button


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Hi, cant run the game on my phone for some reason, after i start it and name the succubus the screen goes black with an occasional piece of what i should be seeing in the corner 

I managed to start the game by clicking blindly and everytime the succubi was on the screen it would flicker in a weird way

Same thing has happend to me.

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Maybe I'm just out of the loop, but does the voice over of Succu-chan only happen in certain modes or if certain kinks are enabled? I haven't heard it with the stuff I've enabled on 0.10. Or is the voice over stuff the grunts, moans, laughs, etc, that she does?

> Or is the voice over stuff the grunts, moans, laughs, etc, that she does?

That's correct. You can find a more thorough explanation about why there's no spoken words here: under  ''Voice Acted Dialogue''

Ah I see. Thank you!

Bug report (VS_010 Stable1 ANDROIDDEMO, Android OS version 9): When giving the succubus a name and exiting the text field via the keyboard tapping the onscreen "continue" will reopen the keyboard on the first attempt, but work properly on a second attempt. (Happened 3 of 3 times tested)

Several tasks in when changing scenes it will fade to black like normal but will hang there. Touching the screen will do nothing or exit to home screen. (Happens 2 of 2 times tested, problem does not occur in 009 Stable2)

Thank you for your continued development.

Stable2 was just uploaded that fixes the crash bug.

Will look into the text entry thing for the next version, thanks!

need help, why is her face blank and also there is no text?

It's a bug/compatibility issue I've had trouble with.

If you're playing on the downloadable version, try the web. If on the web, you could try the downloadable.

maybe a dumb question but when she says insertable instead of clean insertable, does this mean ass to mouth? :o

If that happens, it's unintentional.

Obviously, you do you, but yeah I can't in good conscience encourage that. Appreciate if you'd let me know (if you remember) on what task that happened.

It would be good if in the time out, Succu-chan had different animations and not just standing naked (for example, masturbating herself) to make it more difficult not to masturbate.

Sorry for my English but it's the google translator, I only speak Spanish
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it can be more awsome  if succu is thic or a milf or we can select from few characters

An idea/suggestion.  Could the game actually have integrated webcam capability if you use the camera feature and recognize if you're not following instructions and punish you.?

with does time out punishment mean man!

It means sit there and look but don't touch yourself :P.

Usually when you're in time out she's completely nude.

The game is winderful and I plan to support it on patreon.

i have a few suggestions though, can we get succu-chan to maybe have different hair styles and body builds?

Can she be a futa?

Also, when I tried this online web version, it was super laggy and weird.

I downloaded the android one but it says it doesn't save, I wonder what that means.

Lastly, some tasks I couldn't figure out, like, double stroke for example.

This game has a looooot of potential, a game like femdom wifu which doesn't come close to this is selling well on steam, so I am tbinking tbis will do much better, especially with good content being given always or if you allow for steam workshop mods, this game would blow everything else out of the water.


Just saw the glossary which renders my point about not understanding instructions moot.

  • The game is winderful and I plan to support it on patreon.


  • Can we get succu-chan to maybe have different hair styles and body builds?

Body builds can't happen due to animation reasons (See:

Hairstyle I plan to give it a shot later on in development, but unconfirmed.

  • Can she be a futa?

This is in the full version, yes.

  • I downloaded the android one but it says it doesn't save, I wonder what that means.

None of the demo versions save (no cross session persistence)


thanks for your reply.

You are awesome.

I have another question, does the cross-session persistence occur even cross platform? My guess is no, but can you use either your phone or laptop and still pick up from where you left?

Not currently, but I plan to eventually add a way for people to export and import game data, which would cover this.

Alright. I just went to patreon and supported this project and got the game for my phone. I have to report it is wrll worth it AND it os working super smoothly. 


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This game is reaally nice and I am absolutely looking forward to further updates. One little recommandation. Maybe it would be a good idea to add a little description for a task when it appears for the first time. With some of Succu-chans instructions I was not sure what exactly she expects me to do. I don't really know what a timeout in this context is for example.

The game runs perfectly, except when i play the Android version, everything is just completely dark with a few particles floating around

I think the Android version is broke. It's just a black screen.

Some few devices have an incompatibility issue with the game, generally older ones (so far). Sorry for the inconvenience, there's no easy fix yet.

I'd appreciate if you could let me know what device you're trying to play on, it may help me figure it out!

Hi SuccuDev the same thing happens to me as well it seems, version 0.04 works fine but 0.06 and 0.07 not really. I see the contract screen in those versions but the game turns black after signing the contract. I use a Xiaomi Mi Play phone that's relatively new to the market and running android 8 Oreo.

Thanks, will keep looking into it.

Try to wait a bit (around 30 secs) atleast that what works for me

For some reason whenever I try to run this on my phone it just says "App not installed" (I own an lg stylo 5 btw)

I've seen this happen very rarely to some users, have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it?

Yes yes I have

I love the this and You have done grate and i look forward to the later developments.  I wish I could be a patreon I just don't have the extra funds available as of right now keep up the great work.

I'm playing the Android demo version and it doesn't seem to save my "progress", so I was wondering if there was a way to save manually

Not saving progress is one of the demo's limitations, I should have made that clearer in-game, sorry.