Virtual Succubus 0.26 Patch Notes

You can find the download for this version here. 


It's the 10th! As usual, here's the new VS update!

Patch notes TLDR:

  • Painless mode for those who like their pleasure without pain.
  • Positioning Rework
  • Timed opportunities
  • Pavlok Integration
  • Big improvements to loading for mobile devices that had issues with that.

Painless is one of the oldest requests for this game, which somehow wasn’t taken into consideration at the start and thus was far more difficult to add than it should’ve been. I hope it pleases a few of you out there that may have been mitigating this issue otherwise.

The loading changes should hopefully alleviate some of the mobile crashing issues that have been happening; I appreciate any reports of improvements or changes.

The positioning rework is focused around making positioning as a whole more compelling for a wider part of the playerbase; now, you can set specific positions that are manageable/comfortable for you and match your effort level depending on how you usually play!

Opportunities should spice up interactions and allow you a bit more control over how sessions play out. Want to spice it up a bit? Provoke or taunt her, and get different tasks for a little while!

Lastly, I’ve implemented support for a… bluetooth shocking bracelet.

It’s called a Pavlok, and it was surprisingly simple to implement compared to all other Bluetooth devices. (don’t worry, I’ll look into that eventually, just a very very big scope thing comparatively; this took a few hours). I found the idea of breaking the game <-> reality barrier with negative reinforcement pretty interesting compared to positive, so I spent a bit of time adding it! I’m sure this won’t be a hugely popular feature due to the cost, but this is more of a little passion feature kind of thing.

If you’re interested in looking into that, you can find a referral link here!


Positioning Rework

  • A new menu has been added allowing you to select the positions you want her to assign you.
  • Tasks involving positions or statuses requiring positions have been replaced with this new system.
  • Every few minutes, she may ask you to change positions or stop taking a position.
  • Positions should take into account physical possibilities (all fours disables off-hand tasks, for example)
  • This system is also implemented into endings.

Dev Note: It’s now really easy for me to add positions, and they’re all optional, so I’m very open to suggestions!


  • Opportunities are short appearances of various interactions/buttons throughout gameplay, generally before a scene transition.
  • Currently implemented are Provoke, Entice, Taunt, and Praise, all of which affect her mood differently with no long term consequences upon the session.
  • The intention is to make the game feel a bit more reactive and interactable; This gives you some level of (randomized) control on where the session goes, without affecting its outcome.

Pavlok Support

  • Added Pavlok support. This is a separate bluetooth device that allows your succubus to shock you!
  • The current implementation allows you to adjust min and max shock level, adjust delay to line up visuals with shocks, and will play out in several scenarios: 1. When she's mischievous, she may just randomly decide to shock you for a laugh.

2. During timed punishments, you'll get a consistent loop of shocks. The lower her mood, the harsher the shock.

3. During counted tasks, she'll give you an ever-growing series of shocks. Don't take too long, or it will get harsher and harsher.

Dev Note: This implementation can easily be expanded upon depending on the interest in the feature/device! There's a lot more I could do here, but I’ll need to see some interest first.

Internal loading rework

  • Large changes have been made to how the game loads, hopefully improving how many mobile devices are having issues with crashes on initial load.
  • It should now be much faster to load into the menus, but it may take longer to load into the actual session (the summoning your succubus screen).

Dev note: This is not the end of improvements to mobile loading, but I'd appreciate feedback for lower-end mobile devices (2-3gb RAM)


  • Reduced the chance of fake ending extensions.


  • Countdown endings segments now have a chance to get denied before you're given permission.
  • Added “Painless” (Other Toggle). This allows you to disable painful tasks completely. (Dev note: this one was sadly much harder than you would expect, oversight &, bug reports appreciated.)
  • Added "No Fake Endings" (Other Toggle).
  • Added "Mischievous Tattoos" (Visual Toggle)  
  • Added "Furious Tattoos" (Visual Toggle)  
  • Added "Thirsty Tattoos" (Visual Toggle)  
  • Added "Furious Claws" (Visual Toggle)  

Polish & Misc

  • Quickies now wipe the ''previous ending'' data, meaning they won't be ignored when reacted to during the intro.
  • Quickies now skip more parts of the intro.
  • Footjobs are now a separate toggle in the rhythm menus and no longer dependent upon the foot worship toggle.
  • Removed the old edging ''task'' system, as that was primarily focused around position-based edges and is now outdated with the newer edging-related systems.  
  • Removing statuses while safeword is active should no longer have mood consequences.  
  • All favor requests are now free on valentine's day.
  • Added a few valentine's day visual effects and an intro string.


  • Quickies should no longer get bonuses from time limit preferences.
  • Fixed quickies working during chastity.
  • Fixed some endings being considered ''difficult'' (and her asking if you're still capable) when they shouldn't be.
  • Other minor optimizations.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for the quickies menu button to have overlapping text.
  • Sleeve toy should now be incompatible with No Stroking
  • Fixed a bug preventing tributes from being asked for when Findom is enabled. 


Feb 10, 2022
VS_026R1 249 MB
Feb 10, 2022

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