Virtual Succubus 0.21 Patch Notes

Patch Notes TLDR:

  • New Currency System, Favor Requests
  • Rename & Use Multiple Accessories & Toys
  • New Outfits & Visual Options
  • More text variety
  • A bunch more stuff!

Hey! Hope you all enjoyed last month’s update!

The most important feature of this new version is the addition of a Currency System.

The old ‘’Favor’’ has been renamed into Amusement, as it was more appropriate for what it was used for, and what gave it (taunting, etc). It’s no longer used to obtain rewards, and instead primarily used for begging, asking her for extensions, asking for mercy, etc.

Favor is now a currency that you earn by completing sessions. The general gist of it is that the game needed a way for the player to ‘’Earn’’ actions/behaviors that may not be appropriate to just randomly request without reason. For example, asking her for an outfit, asking her to be naked, asking her for a certain toy.

For this to work, the currency needed to be specifically designed to not encourage bad gameplay, ‘’Grinding’’, or negative-avoidance. Losing, failing, disobeying, are all core parts of the game, and you should not be encouraged to lie for a currency system.

The rewards are given daily, as I don’t want players to be encouraged to ‘’grind out favor’’, and I think the vast majority of the playerbase isn’t likely to be playing much more than that.

You will be rewarded for commitment and taking your contract with your succubus more seriously. Side systems like chastity and appointments, and decisions like difficulty increases will give you minor favor bonuses. Regularity in your sessions and session length will also give you more favor.

The various rewards for this currency are currently split into two categories:

  • Outfits, which has a ton of new favor-exclusive neat things, like the new latex catsuit.
  • Status Requests, which allow you to request that she adapt to what you want to be using (for example, staying plugged throughout a session, or using a vibrator, etc).

Next: the Accessory Renaming System, which is actually a lot more impactful than it sounds.

Accessories have felt rather bland and sterile for a while now, generally being referred to with words such as ‘’Insertable’’ for the sake of encompassing all the possible varieties of items you may have. I’ve also had a lot of requests to allow the game to support using multiple of the same type of toy, such as different sized toys, stronger and weaker clamps, etc.

To address this, I’ve added a new menu where you can manually set several different names for each enabled accessory. This means she can specifically refer to exactly what you have in your possession, by the name you give it. You can also get creative, and replace certain things with “unintended” names (Want to use a set of anal beads as an insertable? That works. You get the idea.)

You’ll get examples for each accessory you can rename, showing how it can be used in a session, and it’s up to you to find what’s appropriate.

I also dedicated some time to expanding the dynamic text system. When it was initially implemented, this system was mostly geared towards giving tasks some phrasing variety; Events and general session strings, like post-ending, etc were left for later. There’s also other improvements like line-breaks, and a reformatting of several types of text like RLGL.

This involved manually writing variants for almost every possible string you could encounter in the game. As this was all done in the last week and a half, there is a high likelihood of typos and bugs which I hope to fix throughout this pre-release.

That’s not it though; This version also has a ton of new outfits, visual options, balance tweaks, mechanical changes, and gameplay customization options! But this intro has been long enough, so you’re gonna have to read about it in the full patch notes.


New Favor System

Renamed & Reworked Old “Favor” - Now Amusement

  • Amusement is focused around entertaining her, granting you the ability to beg, ask for mercy, and ask for things like extensions.
  • It no longer randomly gives outfits.
  • It is primarily gained by good, or bratty behavior.

Added new permanent currency: Favor

  • Favor is your reward for your sessions with her.
  • You can spend it on various requests before you begin your sessions.
  • You cannot grind favor, and favor is only granted daily, when your last session was more than 6 hours ago (to prevent midnight shenanigans).
  • Favor gains can be increased by engaging with systems requiring more dedication, session length, and regularity.

Added a new menu: Requests

  • Requests allow you to ask her for various things for the upcoming session.
  • Each request costs an amount of favor, and some of them are compatible with each other and will addition the cost.
  • The first category of requests is Outfit Requests, it contains: - Outfits (Straps Layer, Fishnets Layer, Shibari Layer, Favorite Outfit, Lewd Outfit, Gloves Outfit, Socks Outfit, Gloves & Socks Outfit, Latex Catsuit, Lingerie) - Naked (Straps Layer, Fishnets Layer, Shibari Layer, Add Garters, Add Oil, Add Socks, Add Gloves, Add Dress, Add Hoodie)
  • The second category is Status Requests, allowing you to enable most in-game statuses permanently for the entire session. Want to do an entire session with your legs tied, gagged with tape, while on a sybian? You can ask her to adapt to that.
  • She will comment on your requests upon beginning the session. Especially if you’ve dared request something from her after leaving her angry.

Added a new Post-Game scoreboard.

  • This is where you can see which of your actions increased your favor gains from completing your session.
  • Will only appear when you gain favor on the first session of the day.
  • Favor bonuses are gained from: Regularity (<48 hours since last session), Appointments, Chastity, Decision: Difficulty Increase, Decision: Ending Chances Change
  • Favor gain is then multiplied by session length.

Accessory Renaming

  • A new system that allows you to rename your accessories.
  • This allows for the use of multiple of the same type of accessory; up to 6 can be added per accessory.
  • If you want to use this for “unintended” creative purposes, it’s up to you!
  • If you get a status involving an accessory, that accessory will be locked to that name for further use until the status is removed.
  • Each accessory renaming page lists some of the in-game uses for that accessory.
  • Post-session tasks haven't been updated for this system yet, as I plan to eventually rework them entirely.
  • You can find this feature in the ''Naming'' menu.

Huge expansion of Dynamic Text

  • Almost every text string in the game is now dynamic with variety.
  • This involves hundreds of manually rewritten text, so you’ll see a lot of new stuff. Some of it may be phrased similarly, some of it has been changed to fit more with the newer standard.
  • This should SIGNIFICANTLY increase session to session text variety. Every intro should be at least a bit different, every post-game, etc.


  • Added ''Devious''. (Other Toggle and in-game event). Devious is a new modified Mischievous that only involves punishments.
  • During Counted tasks while pleased, your succubus may appear to be getting a bit bored of your good behavior. This is your cue to make it more fun for her by taunting or disobeying. Disobeying after this prompt will never cause a loss of dedication. Failing to do so will make her Devious. This works similarly to attention checks.
  • Added 10 new outfits
  • Added a new outfit mesh: Hoodie
  • Added some new idle animations that fit with the new Hoodie mesh.
  • Added 8 new hoodie-based outfits.
  • Added a decision to optionally give yourself an extreme stake. This only appears if your session has been flawless.
  • Writing & Speaking are now completely based on dynamic text, including more variety, including sub names and adjectives.
  • Bodywriting tasks are now completely based on dynamic text, including her name, your sub names, and adjectives.
  • Added counted task layer involving multiple variants of saying things out loud, mostly dynamic.
  • Added "Edging Minimum Time" tweaks slider. This sets the amount of minutes necessary before you can be asked to edge. Pressing Edge (with Edge Stop) will indicate to her that you're ready from that point on. Maxing out the slider will set it to always require an Edge Stop before she makes you edge more.
  • Added masochist to Sub Names.
  • Added ''Round Glasses'' (Visual Toggle)
  • Added ''Square Glasses'' (Visual Toggle)
  • Added ''Freckles'' (Visual Toggle)
  • Added ''Chokers'' (Visual Toggle). There are 18, chosen daily.
  • Added "Fake Bunny Ears" (Visual Toggle)
  • Added "Top Hat" (Visual Toggle)
  • Added "Jeweled Crown" (Visual Toggle)
  • Added “Until Dry Override” (Other Toggle). This makes all Until Dry final endings be regular endings, allowing you to guarantee at least one non-ruined orgasm.


  • Rhythm endings now end on a rhythm section rather than a pause/teasing section.
  • Reduced post-session assignment stake to 5x instead of 10x.
  • RLGL has a few new variants.
  • The app lockout stake is no longer a part of the main stake pool.
  • You can now taunt her during Stake selection, causing her to give you an extreme stake. Right now, this can only be the 1 week app lockout. If you have regrets, you can beg out of it… for a cost.
  • Bratty (white) disobeys no longer reduce her mood.
  • Bratty actions now grant her an extra task in Mischievous. If she's not currently mischievous, she will become mischievous.
  • Leaving Mischievous state now changes her mood to Happy instead of Pleased.
  • Difficulty & Ending Chance decisions should no longer appear more than once per session.
  • Reduced the chance of CBT & Headplay actions during stroking rhythm events.

Polish & Misc

  • Added "Darker Text Backgrounds" (UI Toggle)
  • Spiced up the stripping sequence, and it's now optional.
  • Removed a lot of pointless pre-req steps that didn't really serve a purpose for non-timed tasks.
  • The accessory type used in the task (Anal, Oral, Vaginal) is now marked differently in task text.
  • Changed the pubes texture from the horrible mess it was to a proper pubes texture. Sorry.
  • Added linebreaks to most new string variants where it was appropriate.
  • Updated the dynamic text processor to support adjective player names in strings other than tasks.
  • Futa dicks are now paler if Tanlines is enabled (wtf is my game)
  • Changed the way RLGL text is presented.
  • Added HCFD favor conversion.
  • Added new ''Purchase Accessories'' button on the accessories page.
  • ''No Anal Fingering'' now overrides the anal fingering rhythm event slider.
  • Added quit button to the lockout stake menu.


  • Fixed the freeze/crash bug during rhythm events for certain devices.
  • Fixed repeatable tasks not being repeated. This has large consequences upon game pacing, notably ‘’Less Counted Tasks’’ should be far more effective.
  • Fixed a bug causing all Edge buttons to behave as Oops button if Oops was pressed in the past during a rhythm event.
  • Fixed Anal Fingering rhythm events getting rhythm edging sections.
  • Changed piercing material again, hoping this one actually fixes the rendering issue on her nipple piercings.
  • Fixed the lack of rhythm UI for post orgasm torture.
  • Fixed rhythm events still getting anal fingering layers with anal fingering off.
  • Added some measures that should prevent rhythm frenzies from getting stuck when edging as they appear.
  • Fixed No Rhythm UI not working.
  • Minor memory optimizations.
  • UI scaling fix for people with folding phones.


Sep 10, 2021
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Sep 10, 2021

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