Virtual Succubus 0.24 Patch Notes

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Patch Notes TLDR:

  • A complete rework of the session’s ending.
  • A longer, more climactic and drawn out final experience involving lots of teasing, begging, positioning, and various kinks!
  • Anal endings are now supported, with consideration for their feasibility.
  • Expansion of the (optional) CEI systems.


This month’s update is almost solely focused on a complete rework of the game’s endings.

It’s been a bit of a sore spot for a while, but after a year and a half of development, I was confident I could make something that would be enjoyable to people interested in these kinds of experiences.

Endings are now split into two segments, teasing and finishing.

During teasing, you’ll be challenged to endure something to prepare you for the next step. It won’t be easy, and she may just try to make you fail on purpose here.

Finishing is where the real fun happens; She’ll give you various instructions, but also give you permission to finish for a time. If you’re unable to do it fast enough, she’ll take it away and give it back later. This will continue until you’re capable of doing so, getting both easier on the finishing side, but more challenging on the teasing side!

Anal Endings function in a similar way; At first, you’ll get a relatively short timer, but after a few times, you’ll be given ample time to try.

If you fail too many times, you might get a chance to back out of trying for it… but she may or may not accept immediately!

Note that Chastity is now also optionally compatible with anal endings!

The optional CEI system has also been expanded to involve more CEI play instead of simple instructions. You may also choose to bring it back to a simpler state with a simple toggle in the endings menu.

That’s not all though! Practically all the systems involved in climax are now significantly more customizable and expanded. You’ll hopefully find a significantly more compelling finishing experience to top off your sessions with your Succubus! I look forward to your feedback to continue its improvement.

0.24 Patch Notes:


Ending Rework

  • Endings have been completely reworked into a system consisting of multiple phases.
  • The outcome of these endings is still decided by various sliders and toggles contained in the Endings menu, but these are no longer exclusive with each other, and instead additive.
  • Depending on your session’s success or failure, you’ll get different visuals and moods during the ending. Thirsty for good endings, furious for bad endings.

Teasing Segment

  • You will be asked to always be prepared to edge from this point on.
  • Acts as a replacement for Edge Challenges
  • Has several different naked visual positions/scenes that are changed throughout.
  • She can makes you change positions periodically.
  • Two types of begging (regular and edge riding), supporting both speaking and non-speaking (mental) begging.
  • Edging, Edge Riding, repeated fast "closer!" prompts.
  • When entering a teasing segment, she may decide to try making you oops before the actual ending. If you fail when she's trying to make you fail, she won't be mad!
  • Fakeout endings now happen after teasing segments, and can happen during timed sessions if there's enough space within the maximum attributed on the sliders (so if your session was supposed to end at say, 20 minutes out of a maximum of 30)
  • If a session has gone beyond the maximum attributed time limit, teasing segments are offered to be skipped. You may beg to get them anyways.

Orgasm Segment

Toy Endings

  • Orgasm-enabling toys (Currently Vibrator, Sleeve Toy) can be attributed to you before this segment begins. She will expect you to use them to finish.
  • After several cycles, she asks if you're feeling capable using them. You can ask her to switch to regular endings, which she may deny to make you keep trying.

Anal endings

- Supports most anal toys (she requests you use one specifically to try achieving it, and will ask you to prepare it before teasing)

- Exclusively tries to make you finish using anal. After a few cycles, she asks if you're feeling capable. Each cycle, the possible duration increases.

- After several cycles, she asks if you're feeling capable. You can ask her to switch to regular endings, which she may deny to make you keep trying.

- A chastity setting is available to enable Anal Endings during chastity sessions. If you’re not capable, she will simply end it.

Ending Structure

1: Positioning

  • This will not happen very frequently, and will be given on ''teasing'' scenes/animations.
  • You'll be asked to take various positions, same as teasing, but now taking into consideration anal ending and CEI limitations.

2: Edging

  • This will happen consistently, and is intended to make it possible for you to finish in time during step 4.
  • No riding, as it's just meant to be an arousal reset.

3: Cooldown.

(Can cycle back to edging, plays low-intensity animation and soft moaning audio)

  • This consists of kink-related instructions, pauses, and begging, and giving gratitude.
  • The intention here is to cool you down from the edge, and make it a greater challenge to finish.
  • Every "Cycle" will significantly reduce the duration of these, eventually making them disappear.

4. Permission

(Can cycle back to positioning, edging, cooldown, or permission. Plays mid-intensity animation and edging audio.)

  • Consists of 3 possible outcomes: Anal Orgasms (long duration), Countdown Permissions, and Time Limit Permissions
  • Countdown and Time Limit permissions both have potential kink layers.
  • This will play out on scenes where she's playing with herself at various rates.
  • If you cum, you will enter a new prompt where she begins playing with herself faster, drooling, and moaning.
  • A new Done button will appear to indicate once you're finished.

5. Orgasm

(Plays high-intensity animation and orgasm audio, fading out once you’re done.).

  • Continues until you feel done and indicate you are.
  • If post-orgasm torture is active, you’ll be asked to keep going after pressing done, for a varying amount of time. You’ll have to beg repeatedly before she allows you to stop, the amount of times varying on every session.

5. CEI (Optional)

(She puts her clothes back on).

  • This is where the new CEI segment can happen if enabled.
  • The new CEI implementation now involves significant, sometimes lengthy CEI involving playing with it. You’ll be asked to hold it in your mouth, spit it out, etc.
  • A new Simple CEI toggle is available to reduce this to holding it in your mouth for a few seconds, instead of CEI play.

6. Aftercare

  • Your succubus gives you some time to clean up, and waits for you to come back.
  • She then proceeds to tell you she hopes you enjoyed it.
  • Note: This segment may be expanded upon eventually, but currently is kept simple to avoid repetition issues.

Other Notes

  • New toggles are available to make endings easier.
  • New toggles are available to adjust ending visuals (notably, removing Futa cum animation)
  • A new post-ruin orgasm toggle is available, causing all ruin endings to cycle back into the ending segment for another round, ending more satisfyingly.


  • Added a new visual toggle: Jewel Plug (it animates with her butthole muscles! piston plug endings! POLISH!)
  • Added "Post-Ruin CEI" ending toggle. This prevents CEI from happening on non-ruin endings.
  • Added "Her Ending Preference" to both reward and punishment endings, separately. (This is a reworked "Her Choice" that now has her choosing her preferences per-day, based on the ending type. For example, some days she might decide to just consistently make you ruin regardless of what you do. Some days, you might just have a high/low chance, etc. Her preferences for the day are not visible to you. These toggles respect "Never CEI".)
  • Added "Soft Time Limit" (Other Toggle). This allows her to extend the session past your time limit with fakeout endings & teasing.
  • Added "Persistent Duties" toggle to the duties menu. This allows duties to not be removed upon completion.

Polish & Misc

  • She now has an animated butthole during endings. Yeah, seriously. Why not?
  • Reworked post-game animation to bend front animation to try to reduce the amount of fade to blacks involved in the end of the game, and some animation jank. This means the removal of the goodbye kiss, but this is a temporary change; I’d like to implement something better than the old one at some point.
  • Post-orgasm is no longer incompatible with until dry.
  • Added new text line on the begin menu to indicate endings can take a few more minutes than the time limit.


  • Fixed pubes not appearing.
  • Fixed boob censors not working on naked favor request.
  • Adjusted lighting on elf ears to fix some issues with darker skin colors.
  • Fixed some text box scaling issues with lengthier assignments.


Dec 10, 2021
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Dec 10, 2021
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Dec 10, 2021

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