Virtual Succubus 0.22 Patch Notes

Patch Notes TLDR:

  • Roleplay Sessions
  • Witch Roleplay
  • Hypnosis Roleplay
  • Succubus Session Preferences
  • A bunch more stuff!

Today’s addition of Roleplay Sessions will allow the game to support a lot of stuff that wouldn’t necessarily work under a ‘’serious’’ context; I think it’s both a healthier way to present these kinds of rather common kinks, and a good introduction to them.

The Witch roleplay involves all kinds of different hexes cast upon you throughout the session. Many of them are also optionally actionable in some way; for example, suggesting you raise the heat to simulate the effect.

While roleplay sessions generally tie into the favor system (you have to earn them, which can take a couple sessions), this request will require no favor for the entire week before Halloween.

This also marks the return of the ever-popular Hypnosis content, which was removed in the past both due to its lower standard of quality and the fact platforms tend to dislike the non-consensual implications of such “mind control”. I also wasn’t a fan of how it didn’t do a great job introducing people to the kink or explaining what it’s generally about.

Now, it’s back, and much much better than it used to be, involving trigger words that tie into the game’s dynamic text systems, some audio stuff, flashing words, and all the typical features you would expect from said content.

Your succubus now has her own preferences for a day’s sessions, encouraging you to choose different time limits depending on her whims.

She may also be in the mood to wear certain outfits for you, or do certain roleplays, depending on the day.

Lastly, there’s now official support for No Nut November.

Your succubus will be encouraging you to participate in an optional special kind of NNN challenge! She plans to edge you all month long without giving you any kind of release, making this the ultimate test of your self-control. The more sessions you successfully complete, the bigger the rewards at the end of them. 

Keep in mind you’re not getting a second chance.

As usual, there's a bunch more, full notes below.

Full 0.22 Patch Notes:


Roleplay Sessions

  • Roleplay sessions are a new session type accessed through favor. During roleplay sessions, you and your succubus will act as if she had physical or mental effects upon you that may not be possible (or healthy) in regular gameplay.
  • You’ll be told that you feel certain things, that you’re beginning to think certain things, etc. Most roleplay prompts will be actionable in some form, for those who want to take the extra step for immersion.
  • This is compatible with all other favor requests.
  • The favor required for these sessions is 300.

Roleplay Session: Witch

  • Halloween theme!
  • Your succubus puts on her witch hat, wears her most fitting witchy outfits, grabs her wand, and begins casting spells upon you periodically.
  • Forces her dominant name to be themed, and gives you various extra potential dynamic text adjectives.
  • This will require no favor during the week of halloween, replacing the old event with something you can enjoy all year.
  • Some examples of spells are: - Hex of Obsession: You feel unable to stop obsessing over her. (Look into her eyes at all times) - Hex of Pleasure: You feel permanently on the edge of orgasm. (Edge between and during all tasks)

Roleplay Session: Hypnosis

  • It’s back! And overwhelmingly better than it used to be!
  • Your succubus puts you in a deep hypnotic trance, adding more and more triggers periodically, while making you fall deeper.
  • Trigger words are integrated into the dynamic text system, periodically added as she adds triggers.
  • Plays a new semi-ASMR audio system throughout the session.
  • Spinning spiral eyes, induction scenes, and some modifications to existing scenes like worship scenes.
  • Examples of triggers: - Reading the word “Bound” now makes you feel tied up. - Reading the word “Shameless” now makes you lose all reservations. - Her laughs now cause you immense joy.

Dev Note: Some of you may remember I had to remove the previous implementation out of worry for platform stances on hypnosis content.

As it’s generally easily seen as non-consensual, I wasn’t comfortable having it in the game.

Now that it’s framed purely as consensual roleplay (and I’ve checked Patreon’s stance on it, which is simply that I must portray consent), it’s back, and I’ve had the chance to put a LOT more effort into it without worrying about wasting development time.

I also personally believe it’s a lot healthier as a whole to portray it as such, and will make it more approachable/understandable to more people.

Succubus Preferences

  • This system involves two distinct parts. First is the Time Limit Preference.
  • Every day, there’s a chance your succubus will favor one of the 3 special time limits (Her Choice, Endless, and Until Dry/Multi-Orgasm)
  • You will gain an extra favor bonus upon completing a session where you’ve chosen her time limit preference.
  • The second part, is request preferences
  • On some days, you’ll see a new indicator upon beginning your session that your succubus feels like wearing or doing something.
  • This allows you to request it without earning it in the Favor Requests menu.

Dev Note: This feature was primarily added as a result of the feedback that players didn’t know what to use their favor on without feeling like they might waste it. This should allow you to experiment both with combinations and new things, while also conveying the fact that your succubus also likes these things!

No Nut November Support

  • Upon starting a session in november, your succubus will ask you if you’d like to participate in the challenge.
  • If you agree, from that point on, all sessions will end in denial.
  • For every daily NNN session completed in November, you’ll get an extra 10 favor, with the bonus increasing by 10 for every additional session. After your first session, you’ll get +10, after your 5th, you’ll get +50, etc. The longer you last throughout the month, the bigger the potential reward!
  • You get one chance at this. No, don’t ask me to edit your save to change that. Good luck.

Locktober Support

  • Upon starting a session in october, if you don’t have chastity enabled, she will suggest you try out a short static chastity sentence. You’ll be asked for 3 sessions to start.
  • Every chastity session during Locktober, even outside of those 3 days, will get an additional +50 favor per daily session.


  • Split the Insertable (Accessory Toggle) into 3 new toggles: Anal Insertable, Oral Insertable & Vaginal Insertable. They can all be renamed separately, or overlap if that’s your preference.
  • Added ''Clawed'' (Visual Toggle)
  • Some "Degradation" (Kink Toggle) tasks have been split into a new kink toggle, "Filthiness" (Kink Toggle)
  • Split CBT (Kink Toggle) into CBT: Cock and CBT: Balls.
  • Added "Handcuffs" (Accessory Toggle).
  • Added "Service Acts" (Kink Toggle). This involves things like giving toys thighjobs, assjobs, etc.
  • Added "No Oral Fingering" (Other Toggle).
  • Added "Soft Touch" (Other Toggle). This removes most tight/rough/fast pleasurable tasks.
  • Added ''nipple rubbing'' counted task layer.
  • Rhythm event edge locks now have a chance to start with a hidden timer.
  • With 0 edge riding difficulty, rhythm edge events no longer lock.
  • Serious now disables rhythm edge event locks.
  • Added speaking layer to RLGL.
  • Added speaking layer to Rhythm Events.
  • Added an option to beg to keep statuses if she's amused enough. Dev Note: Yes, I gave in, please don't do stupid stuff like keep clamps on for 2 hours


  • Themed sessions now more consistently focus on their theme; the old implementation allowed for a chance you would get unlucky and not see enough of it, this is now fixed.
  • Favor bonuses for difficulty & ending chance decisions removed. Couldn't find a way to make them work that wouldn't encourage lying/bad gameplay.
  • Difficulty decisions & Ending chances raising decisions now have their appearances seeded by day, meaning that neither will appear every day, nor will they both appear at once.
  • Easy Post Session no longer disables challenges.
  • Speaking is now a possible focus and theme.
  • Pinching/pulling no longer appears as a task layer if pain difficulty is on Minimal.
  • Rebalanced rhythm event edging button locks to be more based on edge riding difficulty with a lesser base timer.
  • Serious should now disable the failtask.
  • Oops chastity punishment is now additive (it adds your difficulty in sentences every time you're punished for an oops). This should make it more flexible for various types of post-oops behaviors.
  • Oops is no longer punished with extra chastity sessions by default on higher difficulties.
  • Pain nipple layers no longer show during rhythm events if pain difficulty is set to minimal.
  • Focuses(and themes) now affect rhythm layer odds significantly.
  • Perpetual say tasks now only prevent gags, instead of all mouth-related tasks.

Polish & Misc

  • New major updates now deactivate the app lock stake.
  • The game’s audio has been significantly rebalanced/changed to a new system. VA might sound a little bit different, but it should clip less and definitely be better overall.
  • Added Sub, Subbie, and Submissive to Submissive Names (woops funny oversight considering the name of the category)
  • Added Domme, Master, and Dominatrix to Dominant Names (...yeah)
  • Adjustments to the default tanlined futa dick (now fits light skin more closely)
  • Darkened default text backgrounds a bit.
  • SessionTimer based events now have an additional check to make sure they don't re-occur repeatedly. Before this, when you had a very long task, you could get several ''queued'' events in a row. This should no longer happens, and skips events if there was one too recently. This applies to: Roleplay, Yandere, EdgeTasks, Decisions, Events
  • Clicking/tapping favor points on the main menu now switches to a menu explaining favor, with a shortcut to requests.
  • Spin the Wheel should no longer get the Lewd Outfit potential reward if you've requested either naked or latex catsuit for this session.
  • Most post-oops consequences that involve continuing in some form will now ensure that there's at least two minutes remaining in the session, extending it a bit if necessary.
  • Reduce the chance of yandere laughs during yandere events.
  • Oopsing during the final chastity session now gives you a completely new chastity sentence.
  • Added new SFX to ASMR (Shh)
  • Disobey new chastity session button is now decline.
  • Keyboard keybinds now respect UI fadeout (you'll have to press twice when faded out, unless single tap is enabled)
  • 57 new varietized strings, primarily in the intro.
  • Added new update log screen upon first launching a new version.
  • PC users can now use number keys / the numpad to enter their passcode.
  • Added some loading screen tips to the Succubus Summoning screen.
  • Added some text indicating what step of the loading process is currently active while summoning your succubus. (Having issues? Please let me know where!)
  • She now skips assigning a scheduled session if you're about to get the extreme stake outcome.


  • Variety of typo fixes, string fixes & improvements, etc.
  • Edge Challenge vs Chastity decisions can no longer show before the edging start timer.
  • Edging punishments now respect the edging minimum timer.
  • Fixed bug causing clothing upgrades to affect amusement.
  • Fixed 2 outfits being marked as having gloves when they don't.
  • Fixed oil tasks not referring to oil.
  • Naked outfit requests should no longer allow stripping.
  • Fixed findom punishment task slider not saving (or applying) properly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause begging for session extensions to raise amusement.
  • Edge challenges from decisions are now prioritized over session endings.
  • The date check for favor now gets wiped if you've SOMEHOW traveled into the future, avoiding situations where you could get stuck with no favor until then.
  • Fixed Yandere ''lying'' reactions to not only appear for half a second.
  • Fixed chastity sessions not getting final edge tasks anymore.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the no touching stake to prevent another stake from being applied.
  • Fixed tanned futa dick not being tanned.
  • Fixed an invisible string when begging for an extra chastity session off.
  • The app lock screen (extreme stake) now removes any scheduled session.
  • Fixed post-chastity denial intro strings acting as if you'd oopsed the previous session.
  • Workout counted task layer (squatting) now respects statuses that prevent the use of legs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause rhythm endings to not show at all if No Rhythm UI was enabled.
  • Fixed a text flickering issue that could appear in edge prompts when she transitioned to ''for as long as she wants''
  • Fixed kegels counted task layer appearing on kegels counted tasks.
  • Fixed a nipple clamps text marker showing due to a typo.
  • Fixed an Oops button in the intro changing to Edge when it shouldn't be allowed to.

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